Northern Rivers Hire for all  your access needs.

  • Our fleet consists of a large number of Electric  Scissor lifts.
  • One man lifts.
  • Large number of diesel all terrain scissor lifts.
  • Trailer mounted Cherry Pickers.
  • Knuckle Boom.
  • Fork lift with side shift and container mast .
  • Forklift options include lifting jib and extensions.
  • Fast on site deliveries to the Northern Rivers.
Cherry Picker 10mtr250.00 ea
Handrail Systems22.00 ea
Ladder (Step) 1.8mtr, 2.85mtr, 3.62mtr25.00 ea
Ladder ( Extension) 5.7mtr, 7.5mtr25.00 ea
Plank Clamps5.00 ea
Planks (Aluminum) 3.0mtr, 4.0mtr, 5.0mtr and 6.0mtr9.90 ea
Scaffold 2mtr55.00 ea
Scaffold 3mtr66.00 ea
Scaffold 5mtr88.00 ea
Scissor lift 4x4 Diesel - 9.4mtr and 8.2mtr220.00 ea
Scissor lift, Electric (Slab) - 4.5 mtr and 5.9mtr 110.00 ea
Scissor lift, Electric (Slab) - 10 mtr 120.00 ea
Trestles (Aluminum) 1.8mtr, 2.4mtr, 3.0mtr, 3.6mtr and 4.2mtr11.00 ea
Knuckle Boom
10 mtr platform working height 12.62 .Reach 6.78
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