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1300TempFence temporary fencing systems fully conform to all government and local council legislation requirements.

Tested and Certified to Australian Standard AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing & Hoardings.

Tested and Certified to Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2007 – Swimming Pool Safety – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

We offer a wide range of temporary fencing systems and products, including:

  • Temporary Fencing
  • Temporary Pool Fencing
  • Crowd Control Barriers

Our temporary fencing systems can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations. 1300TempFence fence hire & sales services offer safe and secure solutions for:

  • Temporary fencing to secure construction sites and private property
  • Temporary fencing of residential housing sites
  • Temporary fencing and crowd control barriers for major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings… etc.
  • Temporary safety fencing for swimming pools
  • Accessories such as Shade Cloth, Hand Rails & Dog Bars
  • And many other uses …

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